AI-Powered Antibody Solutions to Simplify Workflow of Viral Disease Research

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AI-Powered Antibody Solutions to Simplify Workflow of Viral Disease Research

March 24
20:26 2023
Creative Biolabs unites the AntInfectâ„¢ platform with the AI-based Antibody Discovery Platform to deliver faster and better antibody development services for viral disease treatment research.

New York, USA – March 24, 2023 – Viruses are responsible for common infectious ailments like colds, flu, and warts, as well as diseases like AIDS, Ebola, and COVID-19. For viral infections, antibodies are appealing as a potential treatment strategy owing to characteristics such as their high specificity and their ability to enhance immune responses. And the advancement of antibody engineering technology and the progress in artificial intelligence (AI) have empowered this method with greater potential.

To support therapeutic strategy research related to viral infections, Creative Biolabs has combined the AntInfect™ platform with the AI-based Antibody Discovery Platform to share expert experience and deliver faster and better antiviral biomolecule development service to worldwide customers.

* AntInfect™ Platform

The AntInfect™ platform, designed for antibody/peptide discovery for viral diseases, has integrated the cutting-edge antigen-specific B lymphocyte sorting technology, hybridoma technology, phage display technology, and high-density peptide array, and can process siRNA screening, CRISPR screening, as well as the one-stop discovery of antibody, peptide, and small molecule therapeutics.

* AI-Based Antibody Discovery Platform

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to loading AI, big data, and machine learning to the AI-augmented antibody discovery platform, aiming to accelerate the prediction of antibody-antigen binding, the generation of antibody candidates, the optimization of antibody sequence, and antibody characterization and production.

The association of these powerful platforms presents decided advantages. The first is the wide range of research applications, with board-spectrum targets covering influenza virus, HIV, coronavirus, hepatitis virus, Zika virus, and species including non-human primate (NHP), mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, and chicken. The second highlight of the antiviral antibody solution is the fast turnover time. In the same time span, AI, based on a large data pool, can generate dozens of times more antibody sequence clusters than a laboratory-based approach alone. The third is the guaranteed outcomes as the two platforms promise both high specificity and stability and increased hits and diversity for the antibody candidates.

“Using AI to stay ahead of the research on COVID-19 and other diseases has been a trend. We are trying to provide an access to this powerful technology to every lab, and by this, to look for diversity on the antibody and variant sides.” as introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs.

More information about AI solutions for drug development can be found at

About Creative Biolabs

Recognized as a reliable partner in antibody drug discovery and manufacturing serving academia and industry clients all over the world, Creative Biolabs has established an experimentally-certified AI platform, providing intelligent solutions for the pharma and biotechnology companies to accelerate drug discovery and development covering antibody drugs and small molecule drugs.

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