Ich Cha – A beautiful handmade-textile store promoting the idea of conscious living

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Ich Cha – A beautiful handmade-textile store promoting the idea of conscious living

November 12
12:07 2022
Ich Cha works with block printing, weaving communities, and not-for-profit organizations to promote women’s empowerment and preservation of India’s traditional crafts. With these master craftspeople, we aim to create thoughtful treasures for your home and soul.

New York, USA – Ich Cha is a well-known store of textile home decor items made by Indian craftspeople. The business makes and sells a wide range of handcrafted items, including rugs, window treatments, pillows, throw pillows, scarves, clothing, kitchen and dining items, and gifts. Bohemian curtains with hand-block prints and organic dyes add joy and coziness to the house. With handwoven textiles, Ich Cha assists its customers in beautifying their homes.

People used to print by hand with a wooden block using block printing when there were no machines available. A startling melody is produced by the repeated thumps against the wooden table. The artisan gains a special talent for building a lyrical world on the canvas with lines and shapes as he practices his craft. In India’s crowded cities and winding lanes, the ancient craft is still alive and well.

The handmade textiles are colored with naturally occurring minerals and flowers. Each fabric is meticulously folded into dye vats before being sun-dried on the ground. In the hot summers of India, the majority of fabrics dry quickly. After that, the fabric is washed in exposed tubs to get rid of any excess color. The finished thread is then manually woven into the fabric to create tableware, curtains, and scarves. 

Ich Cha also collaborates with dhurrie weavers who use a crude hand loom to weave the dhurries. The company wants to help these dhurrie weavers carry on their tradition and their passion for weaving. Ich Cha collaborates with NGOs that support tribal women who are skilled embroiderers. Additionally, the business collaborates with groups of artisans who employ women in their homes.

One of the spokespersons at Ich Cha said, “Ichcha strives to preserve and promote arts and crafts. We want the crafts to breathe, not just survive. This is the place to find products designed and printed solely by our dear artisans. Having this collection encourages the artisans’ creative souls and connects them to this art even more! Under this collection, 100% of the profits go back to the artisans who made them.”

The Ich Cha team works out of their New York City home studio before making 1-2 trips to India per year to collaborate with the artisan families on their designs. The business aims to produce products that are conscious while also preserving art for future generations.

About Ich Cha:

Ich Cha is a textile home decor store that is well known for its handmade products by Indian artisans. A wide variety of handmade gifts, scarves, clothing, kitchen and dining items, window curtains, pillows and throws, and rugs are made and offered for sale at the store.

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