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Metabook will return Johnny Depp, to return the hope to the market

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Metabook will return Johnny Depp, to return the hope to the market

June 17
03:44 2022

Metabook’s Rating Methodology has the answer to the market crash situation.

Toxic people. They make problems for good people. It is right in the Depp – Heard case, it is right in the market crash situation.

One hero can make the difference, riding the wave of market disruption by innovations.

Our public appeal to Mark Andreessen: Why don’t you embrace a bold PR strategy, like Johnny Depp, defeating the dominant public opinion, directed by toxic media?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has been cancelled because of Amber Heard toxic “metoo” lies. Producers followed the wrong public opinion.

The same situation in stock markets, which started crashing when Netflix stocks halved after the loss of 200k subscribers. Other bad news about inflation and war, have triggered anxiety, and according to the classic Cycle of Market Emotions (see the picture) all investors started to feel anxiety and fear.

Mark Andreessen could be the hero of the crashing investment world, consolidating the hope in the CITIBank’s outlook of #13T Metaverse market.

With new 4,5 Bln crypto fund, Andreesen Horowitz started consolidation of web3 market in a stealth mode. Now there is Time to Build public trust!

How Cycle of Market Emotions works?

When fear dominates, investors are concerned with avoiding losses, they feel they are not in control. Their exits triggered a new decline in the stock markets in May, and Luna/Terra speculations triggered desperation, panic, and capitulation, as we see in every Cycle of Market Emotions (see the picture).

Rational decision-making is more likely to occur when market sentiment is neutral. When emotions like fear and panic dominate, decision-making is motivated by those emotions. 

There is only one mechanism to return the hope: we need a hero.

Mark Andreessen, where are you?

In April 2020, Time to Build article by Mark Andreessen helped Silicon Valley to return to the normal condition, followed by 2 years of bull market.

Mark’s appeal has ignited founders of unicorns, and the number of the unicorns doubled in 2 years!

In special, Mark’s vision on education resonates with Metabook’s Road MaP. There are 120 million new 18-year-olds in the world each year. If they start learning and teaching old generations on web3, AR and digital health tools, the number of crypto and digital health apps users will double immediately! This demand can return the bitcoin price to the all-time high levels of 2021. And the wealth generated will fuel the demand for innovations, in special, in Metaverse-related areas.

Mark asked in 2020: Where are the supersonic aircraft? Where are the millions of delivery drones? Where are the hyperloops, and yes, the flying cars?

Part of the problem is a failure of imagination. The problem is desire. We need to *want* these things. The problem is inertia.

When movie producers wanted to portray the American city of the future, they didn’t film in the USA — they went to Asia.

Is the problem money? 

No, investors have more cash on bank account than ever! And they want to invest, to not lose the capital because of inflation.

But the other part of the problem is the mandates of investment funds. Fear of risks made investors to focus on stock markets, and on developed-markets.

Mark Andreessen friends and colleagues, could you support us, to make him the hero of investment world?

Johnny Depp XR flash mob: find him in one million places worldwide and share the picture.

MetaAlliance and Plato Technologies founders have united their know-how, in Metabook DAO platform. First one is the rating methodology, proven by Edward Musinski in crisis 2008 and crisis 2020. The crowdrating methodology, empowered by data analytics, opens the most promising innovations. And, moreover, it simultaneously create the favorable public opinion for top rated innovations.

Metabook DAO, the number one web3/ Metaverse Reserve system, Thousands of influencers joined us in 12 months. Each week, more and more great entrepreneurs are joining us.

Metabook influencers will trigger #ReturnJohnny Movement, and crowd voting on other games, a suggestion to Netflix on what games are the most desired. All that in XR format, the most innovative form of engagement. See how it works

We gained momentum: the demand for metamarketing is fast-growing.

 Thanks to this pilot project showcased globally.

Next XR global program by Metabook and Plato is #ReturnJohnny

Markets decline started with Netflix halving in April. #ReturnJohnny Metabook crowdvoting and XR game (Metaverse format) is the perfect response to the problem of a failure of investors’ hope and imagination.

Our partner in XR game: Arcona Augmented Reality

Our news:

In Davos, we have presented a Reserve system for Metaverse, driven by influencers and based on the Plato platform

Crowdvoted NFTs in Metabook Reserve are a hedging mechanism – each usage makes the value of the Reserve system increasing!

That is a working mechanism of hedging NFT risks!

Metabook Chairman Brett King went on stage for Consensus 2022 as the closing keynote speaker! That was the main keynote of Consensus, showcasing the future till 2050:

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