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USDT the latest service platform – Muchmore is officially present in Indonesia

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USDT the latest service platform – Muchmore is officially present in Indonesia

May 17
16:36 2022

Indonesia – MAY 17, 2022 – USDT the latest service platform – Muchmore is officially launched, today with the widespread use of USDT, in addition to providing USDT swap facilitation services, it will also provide support for more new blockchain projects, describe the management of their blockchain digital assets, circulation and value-added services, contribute to enhance the efficiency of blockchain ecology and promote the prosperity of blockchain market.

About Muchmore

Muchmore is a comprehensive blockchain-based application tool, the main service vehicle is composed of Muchmore Smart Platform, Muchmore and Digital Asset Bank Card. Products and services through the Muchmore Intelligence Platform, rapid deployment of blockchain solutions for enterprises, also enables management services for digital assets such as USDT, it’s easy and convenient way to complete transactions of digital assets, and the ability to tie digital assets to your bank card, enabling a seamless connection between digital assets and the physical world, let your digital assets be used in various trading and consumption scenarios, really open your digital consumption era.

Muchmore’s main functions

Muchmore will provide users with a solution to store and appreciate the value of their digital assets by adhering to the core tenets of blockchain.

Muchmore provides multiple signature technology assurance and two-step authorization verification for digital asset management of different scales, and users can choose to perform cell phone verification code, fingerprint and other verification methods when transferring transactions to ensure the security of digital currency assets in all aspects.

Muchmore ensures data security through a fully decentralized API and support for anonymous storage. At the same time, Muchmore provides a variety of encryption methods to encrypt and save source files, making user data more secure.

Muchmore provides users with the best market price for USDT through innovative blockchain technology, making it easier for users to operate and participate in storage incentives.

Why choose Muchmore

The Muchmore Smart Platform is designed with the idea that digital assets themselves are automatically quantified through high frequency, incentives to trigger the associated miner fee rebate generated. Configure the appropriate function in the Muchmore Smart Platform’s Digital Asset Generation transaction, also generate the algorithm that provides this data, and deposit the corresponding amount of digital assets, initiate high frequency automatic quantization commands, this will result in many Muchmore users running the data program or mining program to provide data or mining services for the digital asset, thus achieving the effect of asset appreciation, that sounds really great!

Muchmore has been online for three years, serving more than 40 million people. This time online in Indonesia, it will bring a new experience to the users in Indonesia, giving USDT a new foothold, promises to dramatically increase the impact of digital assets.

Official Contact:ALINA Handley


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