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Creative Biolabs Propels the Study on Immunology with Diversified Tetramer Products

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Creative Biolabs Propels the Study on Immunology with Diversified Tetramer Products

November 24
20:20 2021
As a specialized CRO in the field of biotechnology, Creative Biolabs has been supplying high-standard products to global clients, including engineered/therapeutic antibodies and MHC tetramer products, to push forward preclinical research projects on immunology.

New York, USA – November 24, 2021 – Tetramer is a detection reagent that can be used for immunological research and diagnosis, targeted immunotherapy, and vaccine efficacy monitoring. Creative Biolabs, holding specialties in antibody design and production, provides tetramer products of various categories to support the research in immunology areas.

Creative Biolabs supplies artificially constructed MHC tetramers, which are MHC molecules linked with soluble fluorescein molecules, enabling the identification and screening of T cells that identify specific antigens. The MHC tetramer products offered by Creative Biolabs have broad applications, such as research on cancer, virology, and bacteriology.

“MHC tetramers function by taking advantage of the ability of MHC I and MHC II molecules to recognize specific TCRs after binding to antigen peptides,” according to a technician at Creative Biolabs, “which are soluble proteins with enhanced stability and can determine the ratio of antigen specific T cells.”

Other Tetramer Products Include:

* MR1 Tetramer: Used to identify, quantify, and isolate antigen-specific MAIT cells by flow cytometry.
* CD1d Tetramer: Used to identify and quantify antigen-specific CD1d-restricted NKT cells by flow cytometry.

MHC tetramer is a hotspot in the research activities among pharmaceutical companies, due to its ability to help study human CD4 T cells’ responses against various pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2. Creative Biolabs accepts requests for custom service regarding MHC tetramer production.

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About Creative Biolabs

Supported by knowledgeable and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs grasps the core technologies of producing high-standard antibody products for research use. In addition, with the profound practical experience gained through years of successful operation and projects across different sub-fields in biotechnology, Creative Biolabs is fully confident to provide custom services according to unique requirements given by clients, covering the following areas:

* Antibody discovery and engineering
* Antibody library construction
* Antibody humanization

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